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Blugloo™ Two-Way Color Change Adhesive for aesthetic brackets Blugloo™ is the first and only adhesive that provides color contrast when you need it and is clear when you don’t. Bracket...

System 1+

The urethane-modified dimethacrylate resin creates a refined molecular structure that results in a tougher, less brittle polymer, providing added bond strength, high-tack paste and cleaner debonding procedures. - No Mixing...


Enlight Bonding System Highly filled light-cure adhesive. Bis-GMA resin for superb handling characteristics, easy cleaning. Highly active initiator system supports reduced cure times.

Ortho Solo

Ortho Solo™ is a universal sealant and bonding primer for use with light cure and chemical cure bonding systems. Ortho Solo’s hydrophilic property makes it moisture tolerant for optimal and...

Optiband Ultra

Optiband Ultra is a single-paste band cement for light-curing. It offers more characteristics than any other cement on the market and is the only option for reliable, convenient band placement.

Porcelain Primer

Porcelain Primer permits bonding versatility with patients having bridgework or crowns. May be used with all metal, ceramic or plastic brackets. Porcelain prime is intended for use in the preparation...

Power " O "

Short Sticks accommodate single - patient use to avoid cross contamination between patients. - Available in 2 vibrant color - Coordinates with colored power chain - Flat cross section for...


Radiopaque - Provide Continuous Forces - Effective in both anterior and posterior sections - Highly visible blue color

TieBack Modules

Designed exclusively for the Damon System, the Damon Tieback Modules are manufactured with the same fatigue resistant material as Ormco's popular Generation II Chain - Optimized Force - memory and...

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