Porcelain Primer

Porcelain Primer permits bonding versatility with patients having bridgework or crowns. May be used with all metal, ceramic or plastic brackets. Porcelain prime is intended for use in the preparation of glazed dental porcelain for bonding of orthodontic brackets.

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Instruction : 

  1. Prophy the porcelain to be bonded at the same time as the other teeth in the arch. Use pumice and water. Rinse well and dry
  2. Apply the etching solution (phosphoric acid to remain on the porcelain for a minimum of 60 to 90 seconds. Do not rinse it off. This will acidify the surface; it is not an etching as in the case of enamel. 
  3. Apply the porcelain primer solution to the porcelain surface with a cotton pellet. You will notice that the primer will displace the water present on the porcelain. Apply a second coating. Allow the primer to remain, undisturbed, on the porcelain for one minute, then rinse and dry thoroughly.
  4. The porcelain surface is now ready for the bracket attachment. Bond directly using an adhesive such as system 1 + or Enlight
  5. Optimum bonding is normally achieved on a smooth, glazed porcelain surface. If after bonding following steps 1 thru 4, the attachment fails to adhere, it will be necessary to break the glaze with a small stone and repeat the procedure. 

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