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Tweed Loop Forming Pliers TASK

<p>Loop forming pliers that create bull and helical loops on wires up to .022” x .025” (.53 mm x .64 mm). These pliers have a precision cylindrical beak and one concave beak as well as a .045”, .060”, and .075” (1.14 mm, 1.52 mm, and 1.91 mm) diameter.<br></p>

Slim Weingart Utility Plier TASK

<p>Designed with a tapered 20° tip offers greater intraoral access and versatility.<br></p>

Pin & Ligature Cutter TASK

<p>Designed to cut soft wire pins and ligature wires easily and efficiently. Maximum cutting capacity to .015”(.38 mm)<br></p>

Optical Pliers TASK

<p>This is the ideal forming pliers for forming helical closing loops and arch adjustments on wires up to .022” x .025” (.53 mm x .64 mm). The concave beak provides precise configuration to keep the wire in place. 803-0204<br></p>

Mini Three Jaw Pliers TASK

Similar to model 803-0413, the pliers tips are rounded for ease of contouring light wires up to .030” (.76 mm). 803-0412

Nance Plier TASK

<p>Both edes of the thin blades are fully radiused and stepped-in for precise forming of loops in four lengths – 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm. The grooves at base provide aid in closing loops, while all working edges are carefully beveled to avoid wire damage. Wire capacity: .022” (.53 mm) 803-0405<br></p>

Micro Mini Pin & Ligature Cutter TASK

<p>Designed to cut soft wire pins and ligature wires up to .012” (.30 mm), the slim profile makes it easier to reach even the most difficult areas. 803-0502<br></p>

Lingual Bracket Removing Pliers TASK

<p>Perfect for intraoral access to remove lingual brackets and bite turbos. This plier incorporates an innovative spring mechanism to improve durability and increase arm radius for better movement to enhance patient comfort. 800-0431<br></p>

Light Wire Bird Beak Pliers w/Groove TASK

This groove facilitates wire location with a longer cone than a standard bird beak, making it useful for forming precise loops in light wires up to .020” (.51 mm). 803-0415

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