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SnapLink Buccal Tubes

Tie Less. Control More. Whether you treat with conventional twins or self-ligating brackets, the SnapLink re-convertible tube helps you gain more control and treat patients more efficiently. Each tie-less, low-friction...

Accent Mini Buccal Tube

Affordable, Low–Profile Buccal Tube Accent Mini is an affordable, low-profile buccal tube that is easy to place and fits securely on first and second molars while providing outstanding patient comfort....

Peerless Cast Buccal Tubes

Peerless® Cast Buccal Tubes Peerless cast tubes are 20% smaller than competitive alternatives. Ormco’s advanced casting technology delivers not only increased strength, but also produces smaller precision tubes to increase...

Peerless Mini Buccal Tubes

Peerless Bondable Mini Buccal Tubes adapted to fit on the mesiobuccal sups of partially erupted molars. It is for upper or lower, right or left second molars.

Titanium Buccal Tubes

Titanium Buccal tubes combine the shock absorbency and adhesive affinity of titanium with an innovative design that makes bonding easy and more reliable.

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