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Ligature Tying Pliers, Coon Style TASK

<p>The channel automatically locks wire ends as the tips spread with no wrapping required. Perfect pliers for tying stainless steel ligature wires up to .015”(.38 mm). 803-0149<br></p>

How Pliers, Straight TASK

<p>Extremely well balanced and lip-safe with serrated tips 3.2 mm (1/8”) in diameter, this plier is useful for placement and removal of archwires, pins and other auxiliaries. 803-0408<br></p>

Hollow Chop Contouring Pliers TASK

<p>The ideal plier for perfect subtle contouring of arch wires up to .030” (.76 mm). 803-0122<br></p>

Distal End Cutter TASK

<p>A An exceptional universal cutter designed to cut distal ends very close to the end of the buccal tube for all types of wires. Maximum cutting capacity: archwires up to .021 x 0.25 (.53mm x .64mm). 800-1010<br></p>

Arch Bending Pliers TASK

<p>A light wire arch bending plier designed for placing first, second and third order bends. 050” (1.28 mm) blade width, on wires up to .022” x .025” (.53 mm x .64 mm). 803-0125<br></p>

Angulated Bracket Remover TASK

<p>With blades made of cobalt steel, this plier is designed to effectively remove all bracket styles from anterior and posterior teeth without damaging the bracket wings. 803-0104<br></p>


<p>The 15° angled offset tip with ultra slim profile is a plus in the most difficult to access areas. Designed to cut soft wire pins and ligature wires up to .012” (.30 mm). 800-1000<br></p>

Hilgers Intraoral Arch Bending Plier (Universal)

Dual tip design allows for both left and right step bends. This instrument eliminates the time-consuming archwire removal normally required. Tips are at a 90° angle from handles to increase intraoral accessibility. 803-0324

Curved Direct Bond Bracket Holder TASK

Designed for holding and placing either labial or lingual brackets. Features spring-loaded reverse action to hold brackets until release is desired. 800-8000

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