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VectorTAS provides clinicians with a fast, effective means to treat a full range of orthodontic cases without compensating for the inadvertent reciprocal movement of adjacent teeth. Designed by orthodontists specifically for orthodontic use, VectorTAS is a coordinated system of miniscrews, attachments and instruments that provide clinicians with all the benefits of temporary anchorage: - Reduced anchorage demand for more control - Surgery cases treated without surgery - No headgear and reduced reliance on patient compliance - Reduced treatment time - Greater patient comfort

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2016 Orthotown Ortho Townie Choice Award

3x Townie Choice Winner!

Thank you Townies!

Ormco is proud to announce that VectorTAS has been awarded the 2016 OrthoTown, Ortho Townie Choice® award in the temporary anchorage device category!

The Ortho Townie Choice Awards® is an industry-voted awards program recognizing exceptional products and service in the orthodontic field. We thank our customers and Orthotown for this honor.

VectorTAS is the only complete system that combines user-friendly protocols, products, packaging and mechanics to simplify your treatment and improve patient care.

  • Simple color-coded atlas guides proper miniscrew selection
  • Complete starter kit for one-stop shopping
  • Needle-free anesthesia for greater comfort and improved patient acceptance
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Front View
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VectorTAS Atlas

The proprietary VectorTAS Atlas eliminates guesswork by matching each color-coded miniscrew to its ideal anatomical and biomechanical implant site.

ColorRecommended Implant Site
6mmDacial Surface — Maxiliary/mandibular alveolar ridge (messial to cuspid), mandibular symphysis
8mmFacual & Lingual Surfaces — Maxiliary alveolar ridge (mesial to second molar)
10mmRetro Molar Area
12mmInfrazygomatic Crest

VectorTas Kit*Needle-free anesthetic delivery not included

VectorTAS Starter Kit

The most complete kit on the market, the VectorTAS Starter Kit contains everything you need to treat 10 cases*, including the patented VectorTAS Atlas.

VectorTAS Kit Contents:
  • Four 6mm pre-sterilized miniscrews (1.4mm dia.)
  • Ten 8mm pre-sterilized miniscrews (1.4mm dia.)
  • Two 10mm pre-sterilized miniscrews (2.0mm dia.)
  • Two 12mm pre-sterilized miniscrews (2.0mm dia.)
  • Modular Driver w/40mm tip and contra-head assembly w/22mm tip (PN 601-0007)
  • Gingiva-colored typodont w/one miniscrew; no braces (PN 717-1054)
  • Two tissue punches (disposable)
  • Two initiator tips
  • Six 5mm 150g single delta spring w/swivel
  • Six 10mm 150g single delta spring w/swivel
  • Six 5mm 150g double delta spring
  • Six 10mm 150g double delta spring
  • Six crimpable posts
  • Placement technique guide with color-coded atlas
  • Chairside protocol guide

 VectorTAS Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design

VectorTAS was developed by a team of orthodontists with the idea that all miniscrew systems are not created equal. Although there are many TADs marketed for orthodontic anchorage, VectorTAS is the only complete system with a full array of orthodontic-specific miniscrews, TAD-specific attachments and instruments designed to make temporary anchorage easy, intuitive, and effective.

Intelligent Miniscrews

From end to end, every aspect of the VectorTAS miniscrew has been optimized to deliver maximum strength, stability, and clinical excellence.

  • Self-tapping and self-drilling to minimize the need for tissue punches or pilot drills Asymmetric buttress thread design for enhanced pullout strength Patented double-delta head for greater comfort and treatment flexibility Tissue-suppression stops to prevent tissue overgrowth Titanium 6-4 for maximum strength and biocompatibility Double-Delta Head
Double-Delta Head
Greater patient comfort
  • Wider and flatter for greater surface area
  • No sharp edges from wire slots or hex bolts
Greater clinical flexibility
Greater clinical flexibility
  • Provides a self-ligating lock on VectorTAS attachments for ease of use and secure engagement
  • Allows mid-treatment adjustment without removal of attachments

Thread Forming vs. Thread Cutting

Each VectorTAS miniscrew is sized and equipped with a specific thread design based on the soft-tissue depth and density of bone in its designated placement area.

Thread Forming vs. Thread Cutting

Thread-forming design creates a more intimate purchase with surrounding bone, which is ideal in areas of thinner bone.

Thread-cutting design

Thread-cutting design is ideal for more dense bone where cutting is required in order to minimize hoop stress.

Miniscrew Details

The 6mm and 8mm miniscrews have a smaller diameter and smaller collar for placement between roots in thin cortical bone with attached gingiva.

The larger 10mm and 12mm miniscrews are designed to be stronger for placement in denser bone with thicker soft tissue and no concern for root impingement.

Intelligent Attachments

VectorTAS includes an assortment of TAD-specific auxiliaries to maximize the vectors and force levels used in skeletal anchorage, providing you with more controlled movement and better force management.

Delta Coil Springs
  • Ligate and lock spring to miniscrew easily while allowing full freedom of movement
  • Swiveling head eliminates unwanted rotational and torsional forces associated with loading and unloading
  • Available in a variety of lengths and force levels
Image of a model replica jaw, displaying how Ormco's VectorTAS solution works.
AOB Splint
  • Developed by Dr. Nicole Scheffler to treat anterior open bites and sold through AOA Laboratory
  • Quickly and easily intrudes the maxillary posterior segment
  • Equipped with multiple vector hooks to allow simultaneous Class II or Class III correction

Meet The VectorTAS™ Team

A key philosophy in the development of VectorTAS was to design and build an orthodontic-specific implant system at the direction of a team of orthodontists with distinguished and varied clinical experience.

John Graham

VectorTAS is as much about the system as it is about the screw. Any company can provide a box of screws and a screwdriver; only Ormco empowers the orthodontist with confidence. VectorTAS provides all of the necessary design elements, attachments, and educational materials needed to help the busy orthodontist quickly implement and master temporary skeletal anchorage in their own practice.
by John W. Graham, DDS, MD

Stephen Tracey

After evaluating virtually every miniscrew on the market and treating hundreds of cases with different temporary anchorage devices, I can honestly say that VectorTAS is the most effective and user-friendly temporary anchorage system available today.
by Stephen Tracey, DDS, MS

Dr. Scheffler

The VectorTAS coordinated attachments are easy to place, comfortable for patients, and allow us to treat the most difficult cases with sound biomechanical principles.
by Nicole Scheffler, DDS, MS

James Hilgers, DDS, MS

A team of engineers and orthodontists developed a highly effective and user friendly system that is, I believe, state-of-the-art.
by James Hilgers, DDS, MS

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