Damon 3MX

Is it the product design or the treatment philosophy that makes the Damon™ System so extraordinary? It’s actually both, plus something much more – you. Your skills as an orthodontic practitioner and your desire to make a positive change for yourself and your patients. We invite you to experience the difference, to experience the extraordinary.The Damon System, simply extraordinary.

Detail & Product.

Four solid walls for fast, low-friction tooth movement and superior control.


– Brechet made of steel 17-4 has no deformations
– Vertical slot in which hooks and other accessories are inserted
– Extremely smooth and rounded surfaces for maximum comfort
– Romboid base of the bracket with a vertical line in the middle for proper positioning
– Easy opening and closing doors
– Permanent design for the bracket
– Anatomically constructed base of the bracket
– It can be recycled
– Opens and closes with instrument 866-4012



– Place the instrument tip directly on the release button of the sliding mechanism at an angle of 90 degrees to the face of the lock (see picture).

Note: The top of the instrument must be held at right angles to the sliding mechanism.
Note: Less than 150 grams of force is required to open the rack.


– Simply slide the sliding mechanism with your fingers. You should hear a striking sound that means the bracelet is closed. If the bow is visibly bent or it is running insert into the opening because of the position of the tooth, use a cool tool instrument.

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