V - Primer

V-PRIMER is a one-component primer for bonding to precious metals (including Au/Ag/Pd alloys). To improve the bond durability to precious alloy, simply coat the metal surface with V-PRIMER prior to applying Super-Bond or any other adhesive resin cement. V-PRIMER eliminates the need for other bond-enhancing steps, such as heat treatment or tin plating.

Detail & Product.

V - PRIMER enhances the long - term bond strength of Super-Bond C & B to any gold or other precious metal restorations, such as: 

  1. Inlays, onlyas, crowns, bridges
  2. Adhesion bridges and adhesion
  3. Precious metal posts
  4. Orthodontic appliances to full metal crowns
  5. Repair of worn acrylic veneers or fractured ceramometal crowns. 


  • Simple treatment
  • No more tin plating or heat treatment
  • Can be used intraorally

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