Bondfill SB

A unique self-cure, self-adhesive resin. The cured paste of Bondfi ll SB is resilient, so it is perfect for the difficult clinical cases where regular resin composite pops out easily.

Detail & Product.

Bondfill SB is a self-cure, self-adhesive resin for dental restorations. Bondfil SB is chemically activated with extra-orally. It contains 4-META/MMA-TBB. Though it requires no bonding agent, Bondfill SB forms bonds to enamel, dentin, and restorative materials without gapping and discoloration. It is also designed to absorb intense, complicated complex external stresses and resist wear. The Powder contains PMMA and TMPT reactive organic filler which creates a tough restoration that is hard yet still resilient.

Typical Applications

  • Restoration of tooth wear, such as attrition, abrasion, abfraction, wedge-shaped defects
  • Secondary caries at a restoration margin
  • Repair of fractured prostheses and damaged restorations
  • Sealing incipient pit and fissure caries